Education & e-Learning

Dramatic changes in the way people across the world live, play and entertain, have changed the way people learn too. Education sector has witnessed a sea change, given the changing demographics, changing industry expectations and a brave new world of youngsters who seek the power of knowledge in transforming their lives, with disdain for distances.
Classroom learning is effective, but not the only option anymore. With Internet playing the great equalizer of our times, options like distance learning and self-based learning programs are much more effective, than they were before. Today, universities and knowledge leaders are able to deliver training to students in countless innovative ways. It is all about innovative use of technology, in ways that suit their situations best.

Winfoware’s solutions in Education and e-Learning give institutions the control of course delivery in different modes. Winfoware has the advantage of building technology ecosystems for several leaders in the knowledge space.

Our solutions in Education and e-Learning include:

  • Student Lifecycle Management System
  • Examination Automation system
  • Interfacing with SAP/Tally Finance
  • Data Governance
  • Information Portals
  • Training Management System
  • IVR & Smart Card Systems
  • Video Based Learning
  • E-Learning