Education Automation

Winfoware has been serving education industry for about 7 years with its proprietary solution framework and services. Education industry nowadays requires sophisticated tools to manage their premium offerings and having state-of-the art solutions becomes key to institutions. Winfoware has been successful in meeting such expectations of institutions, especially the Manipal group who are pioneer in education over decades in campus, distance and professional skills education. Winfoware has been the technology & solution partner for Manipal and has served in the following.

  • Student Management System for campuses.
  • Comprehensive distance education system covering student administration, learning centre administration, course material planning and management.
  • Examination automation system for Sikkim Manipal University.
  • Student Information System for Professional skills education.
  • Online student interaction system.
  • e-learning platform and technical support – integrating all the above offering to e-learning platform.
  • Integrating with SAP financials.

Winfoware’s solution has many flavours but to meet all needs of education industry through the above offerings. Broad coverage of modules include:

  • Institution / Learning Centre Management
  • Course Management – Configuring courses, Pattern of study, Subjects and Breakups to meet the dynamic needs from time to time.
  • Admissions management – Registration's, RollNo generation etc.
  • Fee definitions – Fee Receipts, Different Fee Heads & Priorities.
  • Fee demands & collections.
  • Transfers – Across Courses/learning centres.
  • Academics–Attendance rules, Internal Assesments, Practical & Lab work records and all other configurable items.
  • Pre-examination processes – Time table generation, student list generation, invigilators, squads, attendance sheet.
  • Examination process – exam material management, logistics.
  • Post examination process – attendance capture, OMR based exam result auto processing, generic result processing & certification.

To top all, the automation in the distance education system has reached to the masses whereby students can apply themselves online with payment gateway integration. This eliminates piling of papers in the back office for processing. The e-learning solution is developed from scratch by our team while content creation and authoring is by Client group. Since e-learning extended to most of the above, we integrated all the system with e-learning and financials with SAP.


  • Integration possibilities with smart cards.
  • Interface possibilities with external system - Tally/SAP financials, Stores & Procurement modules.
  • Web based system developed on latest Microsoft platform and hence assured longevity.
  • Multi user system with role based privileges for controlled access in to the system.