VoxFORCE Applications


As education sector explores new possibilities in teaching methodologies, VoxFORCE can face up to the challenge of delivering the content in video form in many innovative ways.

VoxFORCE offers educational institutions and universities new possibilities for broadcasting live, offline or on-demand lectures at good video quality across campuses, enabling the new generation interactive learning.

Key Benefits

    For Institutes
  • Through eLearning, VoxFORCE increases the institute's reach to a vast and geographically dispersed pool of potential students
  • Enables institutes to meet the demand for quality education
  • Enables seamless delivery of lectures and supports display of PowerPoint presentations and usage of whiteboard

For Students

  • Offers the combined advantages of face-to-face interaction and distance learning
  • Enables working professionals who would like to acquire new skills and/or enhance their knowledge in their respective functions to do so without taking a career break
  • Offers those who missed obtaining a specific skill / degree the chance to get one now from premier tech school without having to take leave from work or travel out of their hometown
  • Classes are conducted at convenient timings

Corporate Houses

In corporate organizations, VoxFORCE can be a huge asset, in the areas of:

  • eLearning: With training being an important factor in employee productivity, organizations can make effective use of video as a training medium to enable the employee acquire the necessary skills. VoxFORCE can enable the senior managers record their training inputs and create the training material with ease, for the trainees.
  • Compliance: Statutory requirements demand the board proceedings to be on video, it becomes a cumbersome process to outsource the video recording and archival activity on a regular basis. But with VoxFORCE, it is no more a technical complexity.
  • Corporate Communications: Video has an enormous potential as a medium to convey the emotions and messages of the top management and the employees. Video newsletters can be fun to make and watch, thanks to VoxFORCE.
  • Product demos: As newer products hit the markets on a consistent basis, it is necessary for the marketing team to prepare the demos for the users. These demos need not be drab anymore, because VoxFORCE can make video product demos interesting and useful.
  • Sales training: VoxFORCE can help sales personnel excel, by enabling senior marketing managers and outside trainers create effective training material that the trainees can watch repeatedly and learn to become successful.
  • Managing digital assets for improved productivity: To save time and money, and to streamline workflows within and between marketing and advertising departments, VoxFORCE provides consolidated access to the corporate digital assets.


Retailers need to communicate an extensive variety of product and promotional information to their customers to remain competitive. You need compelling sales initiatives that drive sales, create new revenue streams and enhance the shopping experience for a wider range of consumers. In-store rich-media systems can play an important role in your strategy.

VoxFORCE offers opportunities to enhance the customer shopping experience. It can help your store provide customers with advertising, brand reinforcement and corporate communications.

Applications - Meet constantly changing business demands

Whether across the store operations, merchandising and customer service or behind the scenes human resources and training the digital media for retail solution provides a powerful and dynamic foundation that can help you:

  • Deliver cost-effective advertising and broadcasts to advise customers and employees on products and promotions.
  • Promote products and generate new revenue streams from consumer-goods supplier partners with in-store video.
  • Deliver multichannel broadcasts to strategic locations throughout each store, on plasma screens or virtually any type of fixed or mobile device.
  • Leverage an extensive variety of promotional and informational services to maximize guest satisfaction.
  • Provide customers with consistent product data, pricing, discounts and other promotions in virtual real time to help maximize sales at a lower cost across the enterprise.


  • Centrally-managed digital signage
  • Consumer-relevant information
  • Employee education and human resources
  • Achieve significant new revenue streams by running manufacturers' product ads at the point of purchase.
  • Virtually eliminate the expense of sign production, store audits, maintenance and lost sales revenue