Content Lifecycle

VoxFORCE is a powerful integrated platform that enables you to perform all the tasks related to video production.
VoxFORCE Image

Create and Capture

  • Record from a video camera to create content
  • Record an interactive video session
  • Allow user to upload contents from other sources such as handy-cams, VHS tapes etc.,
  • Repurpose content from DVDs


  • Users can easily publish and manage their own video content
  • Users can upload their content and it would be repurposed
  • Built-in approval workflow
  • Can send video links to group members

Live Streaming & Video on Demand

  • Real-time streaming of video and Camera
  • Scalability: 250 unicast connections with multicast support
  • Relay Server enables enabling multi-cast across networks and increases unicast scalability across networks
  • Live to VOD Transition Management
  • 24/7 Availability